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We supply a wide range of products and are the Authorized Distributor for Angus Fire, Bornack and Detectortesters.


Bio-Ex specializes in the development and production of foam for fire fighting and combating toxic escapes and spills.
Bio-Ex also produces additives for fire extinguishers.
Bio-Ex has become the reference point for environmentally-friendly foam.
Bio-Ex is supplier to the technical industries and petroleum refinery groups.

Since 1964, the BORNACK Group has focussed its activities solely on occupational safety.
BORNACK was one of the first companies in Germany to deal with this problem at a very early stage and to be significantly involved in the rapid development and wide variety of improvements in this field.
BORNACK is now a group of companies which is one of the leading supplies in this sector at a national and international level. The safety of people and facilities forms the core of the corporate philosophy which will continue to be the fundamental guiding principle of its activities.
Dafco is a company specialized in the business of safety tools towards the industry, and special niche markets. Through our products we want to help end users to do their handwork efficiently and ergonomically, while reducing the risk for their health. Since many years Dafco is the European distributor and assembler of hand tools with the Nuplaglas® fiberglass safety handles.
Detectortesters is behind the world leading Solo, Trutest, Chekkit, Scorpion, Testifire and Smoke Sabre smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector testing products. Focused on the design and manufacture of outstanding quality, innovative products, Detectortesters invest heavily in R & D, close technical and strategic alliances and strong customer service and support.
Groupe Leader designs innovative fire fighting and rescue equipment.
The company’s development is assured with strong links in Europe and worldwide growth.
Groupe Leader is accepted by national and regional fire fighting services, the petroleum and chemical industries, the armed forces, ports and airports.
Founded in 2002, SD³ Security Detection Direct Distribution belongs to the 1st French fire detection systems factories :
- FARE that designs and manufactures the whole range of detectors.
- SEFI that designs and manufactures the whole range of fire alarm panels.
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